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Biskop Erik med ny bok

Biskop Erik kommer med ny bok på engelsk 22.januar med tittelen "Entering the Twofold Mystery"

In this follow-up to his critically acclaimed book The Shattering of Loneliness, Erik Varden provides a glimpse of the value of a monastic life and a Christian calling in our troubled modern age. "Be whole and so be happy."--St. Bernard, founder of the Cistercian order In the aftermath of a pandemic and the midst of political upheaval, Erik Varden has observed a growing interest in the monastic life – even among those who have no intention of entering a monastery. For in times of anguish and uncertainty, basic principles of monastic life have become particularly appealing. Varden, Trappist monk and now Bishop, invites us to observe and learn from monastic life in our turbulent times. After a very personal introduction, he follows the Church year and seasons, always inspired by scriptural reading. The values he highlights include: tranquility; seeking peace; obedience; personal integrity; not continually passing judgement on others; asceticism as opposed to self-indulgence; the importance of generous hospitality; balance; and a life ordered to contemplation. The teachings within the monastery offer simple, valuable lessons for readers of all creeds struggling to keep faith in an uncertain world.

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