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EWTN: Catholic Answers Live - Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions

Gjennom vårt program samarbeid med EWTN sender St Rita Radio programmet "Catholic Answers Live". Programmet er et innringer program der lytterene kan stille alle mulige spørsmål om vår tro.

  • 03:30 - How does the 8th day play into the sabbath?

  • 18:40 - How do we respond to the object that we’re just picking and choosing what the church fathers said?

  • 29:45 - Can you articulate the difference between what happened on the cross from a Reformed Christian position and the Catholic position? If you could start at the death of Jesus and go through the resurrection, not leaving out the Reformed Protestant/Calvinist position of feeling the wrath of God.

  • 41:10 - Was it necessary for Christology for Jesus to be virgin-born?

  • 45:20 - I’m not Catholic but at Christmas time I always watch the mass. How far back do the rituals of the mass go?

  • 48:50 - What is the evidence that the Church believed in the Immaculate Conception before it was defined? Were there any early church fathers that believed in it before it was defined?

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