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EWTN: Catholic Answers Live - Catholic Teaching and Same-Sex Attraction

Gjennom vårt program samarbeid med EWTN sender St Rita Radio programmet "Catholic Answers Live".

Programmet er et innringer program der lytterene kan stille alle mulige spørsmål om vår tro.

19:56 - I have a friend with SSA, how do I walk with her in love and not leave her without offending her? We are both Catholics. 29:12 - I have an adult daughter who has SSA and is in a relationship. How do I support my daughter without supporting her actions, especially since some Catholics support and encourage SSA?

38:04 - I’m a high school teacher and a member of the LGBT community, isn’t boiling someone down to having SSA not showing them respect or understanding the fullness of what that means? 48:34 - What are your thoughts on protestant churches that focus on being LGBT friendly instead of salvation?

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