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EWTN: Catholic Answers Live - The Problem with In Vitro Fertilization

Gjennom vårt program samarbeid med EWTN sender St Rita Radio programmet "Catholic Answers Live".

Programmet er et innringer program der lytterene kan stille alle mulige spørsmål om vår tro.

11:50 - Is it moral for a married couple to use IVF if that is the only option to conceive naturally? 19:05 - Does a woman have to go through the same process for surrogacy as she would with IVF

30:09 - How do I talk to a family member who has gone through IVF and is continuing to go through it? 37:07 - God is present when a child is conceived either in a tube or the body. You are implying that God’s hand is not involved. I want to challenge you on that claim. 48:06 - It seems like you’re splitting hairs between fertility clinics and IVF procedures. If God has determined that people can’t get pregnant, how is it different? 51:03 - What are the Repercussions if someone decides to do an embryo adoption? Does it pose a moral problem?

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