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EWTN: Catholic Answers Live -Weird Questions

Gjennom vårt program samarbeid med EWTN sender St Rita Radio programmet "Catholic Answers Live".

Programmet er et innringer program der lytterene kan stille alle mulige spørsmål om vår tro.

02:54 - Whichever of the standard folklore approaches one takes to faeries, it seems like it would be unusual for a faery to be baptized. Which in turn opens up some interesting questions about what’s going on with Cinderella having a faery as a godmother. Maybe there’s an order of fair folk who returned to the faith, were baptized, and do good works on behalf of mortals.

They’re probably also suspected and persecuted by the institutional church. But Cinderella’s family is part of the remnant which maintains a connection with them. Maybe this also has to do with why the stepmother treats Cinderella badly: the stepmother is an outsider and suspects what’s going on in the family history and she’s putting pressure on Cinderella to try to make her renounce her pietism. Which of course makes it extremely dodgy to have someone with a faery godmother marrying into the royal family. There’s going to be some resistance to that. Is there reconciliation? Is the country placed under interdict? Why don’t the stories address this stuff? I have a few questions regarding the Soul Gem, one of the six Infinity Gems of Marvel Comics. Here I am specifically referring to the comic version, versus the film version. I do not know how much you know about the Infinity Gems, so here is some important background info: — They were created as part of the Universe in the Big Bang — Each allows for complete universal control over a different aspect of the universe: power, space, reality, the mind, the soul, and time. 1) 11:23 - The Soul Gem can warp and unwarp the soul. This means it can forcefully make beings evil or good. Thanos says: “I can turn sinners into saints, and saints into monsters.” Question: What effect does this have on free will, the need for God’s forgiveness, and Purgatory? 2) 14:39 - The Soul Gem can resurrect the dead. Thanos says, “And the dead, — their souls are also within my control.” Question: If someone was in Heaven and was resurrected, could they theoretically end up in Hell after they die a second time? What about going from Hell to Heaven? 3) Question: 17:06 - Could the Soul Gem fix Original Sin? 18:25 - What would happen to your soul if you were assimilated by the Borg? Let’s assume that the cybernetic implants and the nanoprobes keep your body alive indefinitely, you are never killed, and you are never rescued. 20:16 - Before the fall, did Adam and Eve have to poop? And if so, would their poop have been stinky? Or would they have had perfect poop? Or would they not have pooped at all, and the digestion was perfect, with no need to poop. 22:41 - Is it possible to validly baptize an unborn baby? I’m thinking of an instance where maybe the mother is dying and the baby is not developed enough to survive outside the womb. If it is not possible, does the reasoning implicitly contradict the church’s teaching on life beginning at conception? If it is possible to validly baptize an unborn baby in emergency situations, then what about non-emergency situations? It seems like it would be a good idea just in case something happens before the baby is born. 29:30 - What criteria would the Catholic Church have to consider if someone wanted to marry an alien? Would the couple have to prove they can consummate the marriage? Would they have to come up with some way to prove that they are the equivalent of the opposite sex? What if any child they bear might have severe disabilities because of mixing species? To that end, the Church is against bestiality, so would they have to come up with some criteria to distinguish human from beast? 34:40 - Why do all representations of the cross depict the corpus with a wound on the right side when the heart and plural sac are on the left? Would blood and water gush forth from the right side when a spear pierced? 41:00 - Do you think time travel would cause an alternate universe? 44:51 - Now, it appears that death bed visions are a thing that is distinct from NDEs and hallucinations. What implications do these have from a faith perspective? 48:03 - If heaven is not a ‘place” as some theologians’ claim, how can there be 2 bodies there, of Jesus and Mary? 50:27 - According to Prof. Hawking we can’t have free will if there is no God. He said that since we are purely material beings all our thoughts are nothing more than brain chemistry. But brain chemistry is controlled by the laws of physics not by us. If we have no control over our thoughts, then we never make any choice. However, when we examine what goes on in our heads, we know that we do in fact make choices. Question: Isn’t this then compelling evidence for the existence of God? 52:30 - In terms of the theory of infinite possible futures, are there an infinite numbers of past timelines? Or do all possibilities combine into one single “past” timeline?

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