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Vaticano episode 530

Vaticano er et ukentlig program produsert av EWTN som gir et unikt innblikk i livet i Vatikanet.

In this Vaticano Special episode trace the footsteps of the Quattrocchi Beltrame family as they serve as a north star for the tenth edition of the World Meeting of Families in Rome.

First, take part in the midnight pilgrimage that begins near the Circus Maximus in central Rome and lasts roughly 10 miles arriving at the Divino Amore Shrine. Cardinal Feroci is interviewed on why the beatified couple is laid to rest at this shrine. Secondly, take part in a conference at the Pontifical University of Holy Cross as Cardinal Semeraro discusses the importance of the couple as an example for those discerning marriage and Msgr. Bongiovanni discusses marriage preparation in that light. Thirdly, we meet Francesco Beltrame Quattrocchi, Luigi and Maria’s great grandson who takes us through a tour of their apartment in Rome. And lastly, we meet pilgrims at the shrine as they share their devotion to this holy couple.

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