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Vaticano episode 531

Vaticano presenterer siste nytt fra Vatikanet med utdrag og analyse av Den hellige fars nylige audienser og skrifter, iøynefallende intervjuer, høydepunkter fra nylige hendelser - alt fra Verdenskirkens hjerte.

I dagens episode:

In this week’s “Vaticano” learn about the history of the patron saints of Rome, Sts. Peter and Paul and this important feast day. Follow along for all of the latest highlights from this week at the Vatican. Learn about how Europe and the Holy See view the prolife cause in the United States. Listen to an interview with Virginia Coda Nunziante, president of the March for Life in Italy. And meet some of the members of the US delegation to the World Meeting of Families.

Støtt St Rita Radio - EWTN Norge på Vipps 650212

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